Who are we? What do we do?

Reading is one of the most complex activities of the brain. It requires many parts of the brain and input and outputs to and from many sensory organs.
There is a concept of "cause and effect."
The Zobin Method starts with a screening of many of the factors involved in reading to determine the cause/s of the problem/s.
It also determines the "darco" – the unique learning style of the reader.
Consequently, we can set up a customized remedial program which homes in precisely to the required remediations.
As a result, remediation is very quick – total 8 – 16 hours, meeting only once a week - and aims for the highest levels of reading required for learning Gemorah and saying Selichos. Occasionally the program can take less than 8 hours and, rarely, more than 16 hours if there is some side-issue which takes a long time to deal with.
As you can imagine, training is very intensive and requires a lot of work. It is totally science-based and we do not relate to the term "dyslexia". We have never had any normal person who could not learn to read Hebrew fluently (English is a different story).
If you are interested in introducing the Method into your school, the most effective and expensive option is for one of our team to come to your school for a few weeks.
Or you could send a teacher here and we can train him/her here.
Or, we can do "distance-learning" e.g. via ZOOM.
Please return tome if you require more clarifications
These introductory videos are quite old and the Method has become tighter, but the essentials are the same.