The ZOBIN Method


Many children, teenagers and adults suffer from reading, learning and behavioral difficulties because their basic reading skills are not sufficiently developed for their “educational personality” (דרכו).

Reading skills might not be sufficiently developed because of insufficient training in reading skills, or because the person has some insufficiency in a skill which is more basic to reading, which also might be causing insufficiencies in other learning skills.

In approximately 14 hours of Workshop, the “FRAMEWORK System” aims to provide the following:-

A 50-minute schedule to screen for:-

Present level of reading skills (– which also acts as a baseline for monitoring future remediation)

“Educational personality” (דרכו), which includes aspects such as

speed – slow or fast

style – detail or global or both

bite-size – amount of information which can be dealt with at one time

attack – fast and sloppy or slow and careful

way of thinking


Side-issues which could be impeding the person’s ability to access his potential.

These include:-

visual maturity

convergence deficiency


excessive nervous tension


right-left discrimination


amount of sleep

A powerful remediation program for rapidly developing the high standard of reading required for efficient Hebrew reading.

Remediation is exceptionally fast and effective because

The screening pin-points the exact and most basic elements of the reading skills which require attention.

It challenges the reader in such a way as to focus the reader onto working on basic skills without feeling childish.

It sets goals which are customized to the reader’s personal requirements.

It harnesses the reader’s own spirit of competitiveness.

The “FRAMEWORK” System is particularly suitable for schools because

Lay-persons can be trained in remediation in only a few hours.

A remediator can easily be assigned to a remediation program even in the middle of a schedule.

Tangible results are produced in each session of remediation

There is little or no need for extra, outside assignments.